Mountain excursions.
Mountain excursions are the highlight of every holiday in Switzerland. You can book your trip on Switzerlands world-famous mountain railways and cable cars here. Scale Switzerlands imposing mountain peaks in a unique way and experience breathtaking views and unique moments in snow and ice that will be remembered for a long time to come.

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    With the help of the air ticket price map, you can determine the direction of your trip depending on your budget.
    We made a price map to look for cheap air tickets was even easier. Want to know more? It only takes a minute.
    1 First you need to choose your city.
    2 Perhaps you are interested in a one-way ticket? As a rule, a round-trip ticket will be cheaper.
    3 Next, we determine the date of travel. Need weekend tickets? Or do you just want to relax in the fall? You can choose which option is right for you.
    4 FLY JET can find for you exclusively direct flights, without transfers. True, sometimes such flights are more expensive.
    5 It is important to decide how much time you have to travel. You can enter the number of days of interest.
    6 At last we will be defined with the budget. You can write how much you plan to spend on airfare.
    7 By clicking the Show on map button, you will be able to find the cheapest tickets, taking into account the set parameters.
    What should be done.
    We click on the map.
    In the window that opens, we see the prices for various flights. A list of filters will also be shown on the right.
    Put a tick in the column Help mode. The assistant will give valuable advice.
    We click on the city we need, and then click the Find button.
    Let's take a closer look at how filters work.
    Filter options:
    choice of the city of departure.
    choice of class of service.
    choice of route one way.
    flights at any time or you can choose a specific date.
    selection of direct flights only.
    visa-free stay in a particular country.
    vacation duration.
    number of passengers.
    approximate budget allocated for the trip.

    FLY JET MAP HOTELS SWITZERLAND.If you look closely, it becomes clear that Google Maps was taken as a basis. They perfectly display information of any type. You can use the navigation buttons to zoom, zoom out and zoom in.
    The hotels themselves are shown on the map with green labels. You can click on each of them to view information about a specific institution. For the convenience of users, the window that appears contains information about the name of the hotel, the number of its stars, the price per night, as well as a photograph. Naturally, the Book button is also present. The cost of living is calculated taking into account all possible discounts.
    Now there are no cluster circles on the map. Each pin is a hotel. The room rate per night is indicated for him. The number of pins shown at the same time is limited. The hotels with the best rating and the lowest price are marked on the map.
    When hovering over a pin, the user immediately sees a hint about the hotel.
    The user understands what he sees on the map.
    hotels and room rates are indicated on the map. Already at the stage of looking at the map, the user can estimate which hotel suits him and see a hint on it.
    The whole benefit of such a map is that site visitors can use filters for price, star rating, distance from the city center, guest ratings, room views, services, and type of accommodation.
    The benefits of displaying hotels on a map rather than a list are significant. First of all, users see exactly where the hotels are. They do not have to waste time looking at information about the establishment for a long time, and then realizing that it is located in a completely inappropriate area. Information about the address of the establishment will tell little to a tourist if he has never been to this city. In addition, a person has the opportunity to compare the proximity of certain attractions in order to understand that this hotel is ideal for him according to all criteria.
    Here you can set the area where to look for hotels, for example, two kilometers from the historic center. After all, if we are traveling for tourist purposes, it makes sense to go through half the city to the sights, it is better to immediately settle in the heart of the city.
    by opening the map, we immediately see how the hotels are located on the ground and in relation to each other. Each hotel is marked with a green marker.
  • NEW.This is a sample map global of hotels.The whole benefit of such a map is that site visitors can use filters for price,star rating, distance from the city center,guest ratings,room views,services, and type of accommodation.Our map work with data from more than 10 online booking systems,such as,,,Expedia and others.choose your